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Régis Michaud

Régis Michaud

Founding President, RM International Recruitment

Recruiting the right skilled employee for a strategic position is a crucial step for a company’s growth and stability. That’s why, as recruiters, we leave no stones unturned. The process is clear, structured and transparent. At each stage of the mandate, you can be as involved as you want to be. Whether on a mission abroad at our side or via Skype from your office, the choice to participate in the process as an intervener is yours.
Jérome Marceau

Jérome Marceau

Project manager

With more than 15 years of experience in sales and business management, I have developed skills that allow me today to fully understand the challenge of finding the right employee within the company and all the impacts it can have on its development and success.

My sport background has led me to quickly understand that teamwork leads to the success of our common goals. It will therefore be my pleasure to work with you and your team to find together, thanks to our unique approach, your solution in international recruitment. To accompany you in all the stages of this most enriching experience.


418 564-0003


Business development team

Fabrice Coulombe

Fabrice Coulombe

Director of business development

My career includes more than 20 years of experience in graphic communication as well as 15 years in sales. Having been at the helm of my own company, I understand the reality of organizations and I am committed to providing an answer to the needs of my clients.
I am known for my ability to listening and my concern to offer outstanding customer service. Working in a positive spirit and a pleasant atmosphere is essential for me. That’s why, in addition to offering you the best of myself, I promise you pleasant exchanges.


418 931-4441


Larry Mckinnon

Larry Mckinnon

Business Development Manager | Ontario

As a business owner for the past 20 years, I have had a front row seat to see the labor shortage taking place. It has become more and more difficult to surround ourself with reliable candidates. This is why today I have decided to bring a solution to companies.

Mutual assistance and customer service have always been a part of me and today it gives me great pleasure to support you in the search for dedicated, loyal and reliable employees to help you move your business forward.


226 450-1729


Catherine Talbot

Catherine Talbot

Certified Immigration Consultant

Having myself been responsible for welcoming and integrating temporary foreign workers into a company facing a significant labor shortages, I have noticed that these workers are essential to the operations of the company that hires them. This is why I decided, at the end of my master’s degree in international studies, to undertake my immigration consulting course in order to support companies and foreign workers in their efforts.

I will be happy to answer your questions and support you throughout your immigration process.

418 221-5015


Laurence Lagacé

Laurence Lagacé


I’ve always wanted to help people to the best of my knowledge. Having recently been sworn in as a lawyer, I intend to keep going on this path. My wish is to assist Quebec’s businesses in order to favour their growth by bringing together people from all around the globe. The labor shortage poses many challenges, but despite everything, %22Be realistic. Demand the impossible! %22

418 955-9146


Francization team

Edouard Mireault

Edouard Mireault

Responsible for francization

Passionate about the French language, literature and travel, teaching French naturally challenged me as a way to unite Quebec and the whole world. I completed a Bachelor’s degree in French teaching as a second language at Laval University. It is around the richness of the meeting of cultures that I have built my practice.

For me, the importance of offering students an education that concerns them, that develops their oral skills through phonetic correction and that gives them confidence is the key. I am also familiar with Spanish and Mandarin, it was important for me to experience learning a foreign language in an immersive context to better understand the reality of my students.


418 929-7417


Émilie Desmanche

Émilie Desmanche

Francization teacher

Having a great interest in languages, I went to live in Costa Rica for a year after high school, then I took German, Mandarin and Sign Language courses. These experiences have led me to question the effectiveness of traditional language teaching methods. This inspired me to take the neurolinguistic approach training on before completing my bachelor’s degree in teaching French as a second language.

My goal as a francization teacher is to offer my students effective and motivating courses, allowing them to use their French learning in their daily life and to feel understood by francophones and help them integrate properly in Québec.


Justin Houde

Justin Houde

Teacher and educational advisor

I am passionate about my profession as a language teacher and to be part of the linguistic and social integration of our immigrant workers. I am proud to be at the forefront of a mission whose success is close to the heart of all Québec. Over the past few years, I have not hesitated to take advantage of all the opportunities offered to me to train myself with international experts in the field of second and foreign language acquisition. This is the opportunity to put at the service of our students the most innovative and promising pedagogical strategies (neurolinguistic approach, phonetic correction) which led me to join with great enthusiasm the family of RM International Recruitment.


Integration team

David Duquet

David Duquet

Reception, support & integration / Owner Le Bon Jack

Intuitive by nature, calm and positive, I always listen to my clients so I can better serve them. Being proactive and adaptive is the key in my job to always work to a solution. My role is to facilitate the integration process for the companies so they don’t have to worry with administrative details, before, during and after the reception of your new employees.

418 952-0766 DavidDuquet@lebonjack.ca

Administration team

Dominique Marceau

Dominique Marceau

Director of administration

To contribute to the healthy management of our company and its expansion to better serve our customers. To develop and implement adapted strategies in response to our customer’s concerns who need qualified labor. These are the challenges that I accepted to face with RM International Recruitment.

Working daily in projects involving cultural diversity stimulates me. Attracting international workers to meet recruitment needs allows me to exhibit my ability to communicate with different people from different background. My experience as a business owner, in a constantly changing environment, speaks for my ease of adaptation. It’s always a pleasure to listen, to share my knowledge and to show you my willingness to be part of the solution.

418 571-5885


Janick Dumas St-Onge

Janick Dumas St-Onge

Accounting technician

My 10 years of experience as an accounting receptionist has allowed me to achieve a high level of effectiveness and efficiency. My sense of organization, my rigor and my ability to work in a team are well reflected in my daily work. Curious by nature, I enjoy learning about the full process of hiring foreign workers and consider myself privileged to witness the positive impacts of RM Recruitment’s work on the lives of newcomers.


418 831-3337

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