The benefits

of international recruitment

Find proficient employees

Rather than hiring out of a better option in a much smaller pool of candidates.

Decrease the turnover rate

With highly motivated employees having gone through a very tight selection process.

Work ethic

Specialized employees from cultures where dedication and loyalty are important values.

A turnkey solution

From selection to integration, our team takes care of everything to simplify your life.
« To speak clearly, we are short of people in Quebec »
Philippe Couillard

Le Devoir, September 16, 2017

You are not alone facing recruitment challenges. While the unemployment rate at the provincial level is at its lowest, the Québec city area is currently experiencing a historic shortage of labor with more than 6,300 currently available jobs.

The rate of active persons in the population of Québec  has been in a free fall for years, and of course this trend has significant effects on many businesses.

The aging of the population combined with vigorous economic growth can give recruiters headaches. They must find skilled, qualified and trustworthy workers to support the growth of their business in a diminishing pool.


Employers having difficulty recruiting

CPQ Survey, february 2017

It is in this context that international recruitment makes perfect sense and becomes a powerful growth engine for companies ready to explore this new market.

By recruiting in a population pool where specialized candidates are trained with the latest technology, and where the work ethic is highly valued within the culture, we make sure to find the candidate who will bring the performance and stability to your group of employees.

As international recruiters, our role is to make your offshore and overseas recruiting experience as easy and intuitive as possible. That is why throughout the process, we take care of everything from recruitment as such, to the integration of the worker in Quebec, as well as the paperwork. The result for you is a simple, easy and turnkey experience.


Filipino worker retention rate with our customers


EIMT success rate

Benefits to seize

International Recruitment is a much simpler and more accessible solution than it may seem and has many benefits for you and your business!

Our services are designed to make your experience easy, fluid and hassle free. We are here from beginning to end.

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